Our Story

The Tale of
Brave & Safe

"And when you allow yourself, in your very skin, to be brave, the soul finally feels safe."

Brave & Safe is a movement to spark conversations about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Created to inspire and influence across anything and everything SRHR, because the first step to being brave is to start believing in yourself. 

You Are Your
Own Savior.

Our purpose is to spread the knowledge about SRHR through data and storytelling.
The best way we can help each other is through our collective experiences.
Once you have the proper information, you alone will be enough to protect yourself.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Breaking the taboo and bridging information by
integrating SRHR into the education and policy-making system
to guarantee non-discrimination in the availability and
accessibility of health services.

A secured world where individuals from every
aspect of the society have achieved their right to health
care and information.

What Makes Brave & Safe Special?

Well, The Founder Is A Learner Herself.

Let's talk music, travelling, and of course, SRHR.

Saima Hasnain

Founder & CEO

“Since my college years, I’ve set out on an adventure to better understand how I can be of any help to this world. In my exploration, I had the opportunity to work with quite a few education, research, and health-based organizations. 

From my humble experience, I saw that there are many who aren’t aware about SRHR. And those who are, feel insecure to talk about it. This is a growing concern as it harshly suggests that they are being neglectful about their physical and mental well-being. 

On that note, I have decided to initiate Brave & Safe. I wish to break the taboo, bring the necessary knowledge on the table, and all the while, learn as much as I can. Honestly, it’ll be not that easy doing all these alone. So, I welcome you to take part in this brave adventure, where together we can try making this world a safer place to live in.”

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